Football Rumours 2 App Reviews

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No need for all those bookmarked football news/ rumour sites. Its all right here, simple and up to the minute links to the latest news. On my front page. Essential

Very Good

The best football news available.


Its On The Ball!!!

5 out of 5 once 2.3.8 update fixed

Overall this app is a 5 out of 5. Having said that, the recent 2.3.8 update hosed a couple things. The biggest issue is that the story summaries dont match the main source stories when touched (maybe an index issue??). Second issue with last update is that the Share icon row is way too easy to touch by mistake.

Really great

Useful app for every football fan who wants to be up to date with transfer news and stories around given club(s). Breaking news notifications are something what I was waiting for and they work brilliant. App worth its price.

Football Rumours 2

great app but some rumours are far from ever becoming true, also wished they had more about outside England, Villarreal goalkeeper Diego Lopez transferred to Sevilla and it never showed up, also wish it was more different from free version, but still awesome, easy to use and easy to track your teams moves

A must-have app for all football supporters!



Same thing as old version


The most comprehensive football news in the world!!! FYI: i am all the way over here in Texas

Tony ...

Great App..! Keeps me up on whats happening with my team .!


Good app but wish it would have stuff outside of england


Its pretty good not bad for 99 cent

Good purchase

Go Blues!

Very Annoyed

Identical to its original version. I would love to be able to give it a 4 or 5 but a few things make be extremely annoyed. The fact that they created a new app, discontinued their old one, and charged users of the old version to switch annoys me beyond belief... But more so is the fact that no lite version of the app, so this release was a blatant attempt to get more money out of its users. I would have gladly rated its previous version a 4 but the producer has just turned me off from buying any more appsfrom them. Bout to find a new app for my rumors.

Awesome app

Best up to the second news! Great format and customization. Well worth buying.

Great app all around

Its a great app that I check everyday. I just wish more rumors were posted from different leagues such as the mls.


A must-have for casual fans all the way to muppets.


It was slow before the latest update, but now the app wont even open... But then I deleted the app and re-downloaded, now its better.


Most convenient way to view news and rumors of footy on the planet. This app is on my main page. Great job guys. Keep it up.


Been using this app for the last 2 European transfer windows and it has not dissapointed. All around a really easy and convenient app to use.

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